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Electro Trance, Vol. 2

Electro Trance, Vol. 2

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The essential sample pack for Psytrance with an Electro/Dubstep touch.

Includes sounds and basses used in; The Mind, Genesis, Rapture (Kore-G Remix), Synodic & more.

Electro Trance Vol. 2 contains everything needed to create modern psytrance

The first folder contains drums. Carefully crafted kicks for punch and a loud mix.

Snares, hats, crashes and a dedicated fills folder ensures variation throughout your tracks.

Over 100 synth shots & bass shots for unique and electro influenced basslines. 


"Used some of your stuff from the latest pack, awesome!" - Samra (Iboga Records)


"Another insane sample pack!!" - Azzura


"Very good source of inspiration!" - Ish K (Blue Tunes Records)

"Insane!" - Lister (Revealed Records)

"Thanks for This Amazing sample pack!!! - Cloud7



    - 14 Kicks
    - 7 Snares
    - 5 Hats
    - 3 Crashes
    - 12 Fills
    - 57 Bass Shots
    - 60 Synth Shots
    - 10 Vocal Loops
    - 10 Vocal Shots
    - 10 Bass Loops
    - 5 Build Up Elements
    - 6 Risers
    - 6 Synth Builds
    - 12 FX Shots
    - Genesis Psytrance Bass Multisample
    - Genesis Fat Bass (Plus Glide) Multisample
    - Rapture Bass Multisample
    - Womp Bass Multisample
    - The Mind Bass Multisample
    - 56 Track stems + 5 grouped stems

    + Bonus Samples Folder

    Samples in 44.1khz wave format

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    Over 1.8gb content

    Electro Trance Vol. 2 provides everything beginners need to start producing psytrance, while offering advanced producers the tools to elevate their productions to the next level.